"We Exist To Unlock the capacity of the individual, unleashing the potential of the Organisation. Empowering leaders to empower those they lead.”

Our Purpose

"We come alongside business and organisational leaders who desire extraordinary results, by building THRIVING cultures, and investing in its most precious resource… its people."

The implications for business and organisations not investing in the capacity and health of staff and workplace cultures is like building a house without foundations. It’s that important! You might have the appearance of success for a while…. but sooner or later the cracks will appear!

1000 Feet Deep exists to help you to invest in your staff and workplace culture and unlock the capacity within your people. We believe it’s depth that determines height, so we help you to dig deep into your workplace, working with you to lay the proper foundation for true and lasting success. We come along side you the leader, to help Empower, Equip and Inspire you and your people.

Our Experience

"Managing and investing in team and work place cultures often feels like the thing that gets in the way of our real work....but it is our real work!"

As business owners, we understand the pressures and demands on today's business and organisational leaders and how hard it is to create the time to invest in team and cultural management. But we also understand the consequences of not doing so. Through our time in business and leadership we have experienced the full spectrum of team and cultural health, starting from the crushing pressure of unshaped teams and workplace culture, to the breakthrough and rewards of THRIVING teams and workplace culture.

As a builder I quickly came to realise that I no longer built homes, I built people that built homes. Taking the time to shape our culture and ensure the strength of our people revolutionised our business and created a greater capacity within our teams, enabled a willingness for change and accountability, increased productivity and forged a strong desire for innovation and improvement. But it didn’t happen by chance.

Our experience is that by laying the proper foundations of cultural and staff development within your teams it will unlock the capacity of your people and unleash the potential of your business or organisation, creating the foundation for lasting success.

Laying the proper foundations doesn’t have to be hard and we can help.  
Ask us how.

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