"Empowering leaders to empower

those they lead.”

It’s our firm conviction that unlocking the capacity of individual, unleashes the potential of the organisation and when you create an environment where people THRIVE, it creates the foundation to achieve above and beyond what you have ever hoped, dreamed or imagined.

One way or another your people directly affect every area of your business or organisation, including your customer service, reputation and profits, just to name a few. We work alongside you to get the best out of your people, understand the potential or real time issues within your organisation and help implement the right solution to improve your culture and performance.

Whether it's just you the leader or your entire team, make the investment in the success of your organisation today

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1000 Feet Deep understands how hard it is to find the time to invest in team and culture development, but we also understand how vitally important it is, so we have developed THE CORE, a team and cultural development system specifically designed to work alongside you the leader to help you invest and develop what is foundational to a lasting, successful business or organisation.

THE CORE is a unique 3-phase cultural and performance development system that can be adapted to any workplace or organisation. Within the CORE is a full range of both preventative and problem-based solutions. We can implement 1, 2 or all 3 phases of support depending on the needs of your workplace. We work alongside you to understand your potential or real time issues, so we can help with the right solution to prevent and improve your culture and team performance.

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Encourage - Empower - Equip - Inspire

Dan brings to life thoughts and concepts that will Encourage, Empower, Equip and Inspire you and your people. Through real, down to earth and practical life applications, he will help you lift the bar of expectation in every area of your life.  Dan will change the way you think about yourself and the issues you face, if you can be the best at who you are, you will be the best at what you do.

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“Empowering leaders to empower those they lead” - We were never meant to do life and leadership alone.

There is a powerful strength and connection unleashed as leaders work together in life and leadership, however, more often than not leaders are doing it alone. The effect this has on a leader’s personal life and leadership can be devastating, stealing capacity, effectiveness and even the joy for life. Most leaders struggle with this throughout their professional life, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Dan’s passion is to partner with you the leader to ensure you live to your fullest potential, not only in leadership but in life.

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Although no two people or businesses are the same, cultural and performance-based issues always have a root cause and a solution. People come and go, the foundation of success is found in not in a single person but the overall experience and performance of your team. Our experience is that by laying the proper foundations of cultural and individual development within your teams it will unlock the capacity of your people and unleash the potential of your business or organisation, creating the foundation for lasting success. The best way to deal with a problem is to prevent it from happening, but if there is a problem, there’s also solution!

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