A Faulty Bow

An introduction to 1000 Feet Deep

There’s a strange little analogy in the Bible that paints a picture of what it’s like to have to rely on people that are unreliable, ill-equipped or crumble under pressure, it says, “They are like a faulty bow”.

In our day and age this doesn’t mean a great deal to us, but back in the day, to have a faulty bow was literally life or death.

Picture this, you’re in the heat of the battle and someone’s running towards you with their sword drawn. You grab your bow, load your arrow, pull back on the string and your bow snaps in half. Or imagine you’ve been hunting for days for the next family meal, you see a deer in the distance, go to take the shot and the string breaks.

The concept is this. If the people or systems we have in our organisation can’t be depended upon when you need them most, they are like a faulty bow. The problem is, that just like a bow, it’s not until people are under tension that you realise they’re faulty, but it’s when the tension’s on that you need people the most!

The comparison might seem a little dramatic, but to say that it’s life or death is no exaggeration. If you’re a leader and you rely on people, you know, only too well, the breakdown that occurs when they fail to deliver. It results in you and your team carrying the extra load, which causes extra tension, stress, a loss of productivity, momentum and an increase in staff dissatisfaction and staff turnover.

At a time when you’re needing breakthrough there’s only breakdown!

This is a real issue for every business and organisation and without a solid foundation of strong staff, systems and workplace cultures, people can literally kill the success of your business or organisation.

This is why we at 1000 Feet Deep believe that if you “Unlock the capacity of individuals it will unleash the potential of the organisation”.

We know how hard it is to take the time to invest in this area, but It truly is the foundation to consistent and lasting success. “Staff and cultural management may seem like the thing that gets in the way of your real work... but it is your real work”.

One way or another, your people directly affect every area of your business or organisation - your customer service, reputation, productivity and profits. We’re convinced that by laying the proper foundations of cultural and performance management within your teams will create greater capacity for lasting success, but nothing great happens by chance.

We work with businesses and organisations who desire to create THRIVING systems and cultures, through building and investing in their most precious resource… Their people!

We come alongside you to help ensure this foundation is deep in your business or organisation… Because it’s your depth that determines your height.

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