Thriving in Our Thought Life

Part 3 of Thrive in Life

As parents, what’s our natural response when our kids come last in a running race, are the last to be chosen on a sporting team or are bullied at school? If you’re a parent you know that nothing brings our protective instincts quicker than when our children are under emotional or physical threat. We, as parents instinctively know that our kids are going to associate any perceived failure or rejection as a part of who they are, so we are quick to defend and encourage them through any situation that might make our kids feel of lesser value. Even if it's telling our kids at times to “toughen up it's only a race” or “who cares what they say, you're bigger than that”. What we are trying to do is teach our kids to right size the situation and not to associate their worth with temporary external situations. 

We hate to see our kids put in situations where their worth is questioned, but we know it's going to happen, so we intervene into our kids thought life and encourage them through times like these to teach them an internal worth, because to not do so is to allow our kids to think the worst and form thoughts about themselves that just aren’t true. Success or failure our kids are priceless, and we want our kids to know their worth!

I want to ask a couple of questions. Who is defending your worth? Who is protecting your thought life? 

Do you know that you are one of the kind, special, gifted and priceless?, because you are. You might not be good at all the things the world presents as the pinnacle. Being the fastest, strongest, smartest, richest or most beautiful, but what advice would we give our kids if they were to use this as the measure of their worth? 

Although most of us adults are no longer having to deal with the embarrassment of coming last on the running track, or the shame of being chosen last on the team, we have to deal with the negativity of life situations, both accidental and deliberate on a daily basis. And just like our kids, it’s how you interpret these events that makes all the difference.

As we grow up, we lose our parents as the first line of defence in regard to protecting our image and thought life, and we are exposed to the world, often without the number 1 factor that is required to live a consistently successful, productive, meaningful and all around healthy life? And what is that?

… a healthy thought life. 

Stephen Covey, says
“Each one of us tends to think we see things as they are. But this is not the case. We see the world not as it is, but as we are or as we are conditioned to see it.”

John Maxwell, says
“You are not who you think you are, but what you think you are.”

Did you know that you are the last line of defence in regard to your mind? That it's up to you to be positive, protect your self image, confidence and sense of worth and that if you don't, nobody can do it for you. It's how we think that shapes our lives, just like with our kids if we allow a negative outlook towards ourselves and the things around us, it will negatively affect every area of our lives. 

The bible paints a powerful picture of what it takes to protect our minds from destructive and negative thinking. It tells us to “Capture your thoughts”. You take yourself with you wherever you go and it's your thought life that governs your actions and your actions that either make or break your life. Every great and terrible thing that has ever happened on earth, first started with a thought. This is a powerful concept and one that if taken seriously gives us a great insight into the successful life.

THRIVING in our thoughts isn’t an external addition to our lives, but an internal decision in our minds. No matter what our kids went through we would never stand back and watch our kids take on a negative outlook of themselves, and we simply can't allow ourselves to do it!

Let’s choose to THRIVE in our thought life!

All the best,

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