Thriving Through Life

Part 2 of Thrive in Life

Last month we asked you all, “Who wants to Thrive and who wants to just survive?”. This month we want to ask you “ARE YOU WORTH IT?”

You ever had one of those moments in life where everything seems to go south all around the same time? In one month we had about 5 different things

First we had a cracked windscreen.

Then in the space of one day, we (my wife) put petrol in our diesel car, then on the way home that same day we hit a roo, smashing the front guard

Then, someone or thing smashed my review mirror, which lead us (my wife) backing into the rail at our house, putting a hole in the rear guard 

Then finally when I was strapping a board to the roof racks I noticed this big dint in the roof!

It was that bad, that when I was on site with a customer and they asked “What happened to your car, it looks like a Beirut taxi!!” (No offence to Beirut taxi’s)

We know how it goes with cars, it gets a dint here and a scratch there and it starts to not look as good as it used to, then it gets a couple more dints and the kms clock up and the owner starts to feel as though the car is too far gone to worry about any more. It starts to lose value in the eyes of its owner. Once that happens the car only gets worse.

Think of the most bashed up car you have ever seen on the one time that car was brand new!

The thing is, just as with our cars, life happens and we get beat up, dinged up and bad things happen.

My question is, “ARE YOU WORTH IT WHEN THE DAMAGE IS DONE?” Obviously, the answer is yes!!!

What’s important at these times is that we know we are “STILL WORTH IT!” We are worth taking the time to make good whatever issues we face and take the steps we need to ensure we “THRIVE and not just SURVIVE” no matter what comes our way

No matter who you are, stuff happens, we make mistakes, things don’t work out like we’d hoped and people let us down, but let’s make sure we're doing what it takes to “THRIVE” even when we get a couple of dints along the way!!

All the best,

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