What We Do

1000 Feet Deep is a team and culture development company that works alongside business and organisational leaders to lay the foundations for thriving teams and workplace cultures. Our mission is to "Unlock the Capacity of the Individual, Unleash the Potential of the Organisation".

The Core

Here at 1000 Feet Deep, we understand how hard it is to find the time to invest in individual, team and culture development.  We also understand how vitally important it is. 

THE CORE is a unique 3 phase cultural and performance management system that can be adapted to any workplace or organisation.  THE CORE is specifically designed to work alongside you, the leader, to help you invest and develop in what is foundational to the lasting success of your business or organisation....your people.

THE CORE has both preventative and problem-based solutions.  We have designed this system to be able to implement 1, 2 or all 3 phases of support depending on the needs of your workplace.

Duration: Set by the needs of your workplace.

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The Bedrock

Phase: #1
The Foundation's foundation

Phase 1 ensures your business or organisation can carry the weight of success.

Duration: Set by the needs of your workplace

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The Foundation

Phase: #2
Foundations carry the load

Phase 2 is building the people that build your organisation.  Your organisation can only ever grow to the proportion that your people can carry the  load.

Duration: Set by the needs of your workplace.

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The Building

Phase: #3
What is seen and felt

Phase 3 builds the capacity, character and comradery of your teams, tailored to suit the individual heartbeat of your organisation.

Duration: Set by the needs of your workplace.

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