The Bedrock

Phase #1

What are you building your business on?

The first step in any building process is to ask, “What is it being built on?” The bible gives a great analogy of two homes being built side by side. Even though both might have used the same expensive materials, were finished to the highest quality and look amazing on completion, after the inevitable storms of life came against them, only one home was left standing. What was the difference? One home was built on sand and other one was built on the rock.

Knowing what you're building your business or organisation on and investing in the proper foundation is the most important factor to lasting success.

So, what is the bedrock of businesses and organisations? The management and development of your team and workplace culture.

The implications for business and organisations not investing in the capacity and health of team and workplace cultures is like building a house on sand. It’s that important! Without thriving staff and workplace cultures to carry the load of your business or organisation you might have the appearance of success for a while ... but sooner or later the cracks will appear!

THE BEDROCK is phase 1 of the CORE and the elements implemented are the foundation's foundation ensuring that whatever comes after it can be built upon with confidence. In this phase we help you set the Culture, Direction and Protections within your organisation ensuring that the people that influence nearly every area of your workplace can carry the weight, know where they're going, how to get there and have the proper boundaries in place to ensure lasting success.

What are you building your business on?

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The Foundation

Phase: #2
Foundations carry the load

Phase 2 is the building the people that build your organisation.  Your organisation can only ever grow to the proportion that your people can carry the load. 

Duration: Set by the needs of your workplace

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The Building

Phase: #3
What is seen and felt

Phase 3 builds the capacity, character and comradery of your teams, tailored to suit the individual heartbeat of your organisation.

Duration: Set by the needs of your workplace

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