The Foundation

Phase #2

Your depth determines your height. How deep are your foundations?

If you’re a leader, you know only too well the breakdown that occurs when your people fail to carry the day to day responsibility of your business or organisation.  This is why your organisation can only ever grow to the proportion that your people can carry the load. Even if you're happy with your current size and output, we need to be always looking to develop, innovate, create and improve. But again, for this to happen we need the kind of people that will help and not hinder your plans.

The people in your workplace are either helping or hindering you in achieving your Dreams, Vision and Goals. Your responsibility as a leader is to ensure that everybody on your team is working with you to achieve those goals.

THE FOUNDATION is phase 2 of the CORE where we work with you on the foundations of thriving team and workplace culture.  This includes team structure, training and accountability systems, communication tools as well as processes and procedural concepts to ensure that you get the best out of the people you have trusted to carry your business or organisation.

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The Bedrock

Phase: #1
The Foundation's foundation

Phase 1 ensures your business or organisation can carry the weight of success.

Duration: Set by the needs of your workplace.

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The Building

Phase: #3
What is seen and felt

Phase 3 builds the capacity, character and comradery of your teams, tailored to suit the individual heartbeat of your organisation.

Duration: Set by the needs of your workplace.

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