A snapshot of your situation

To better understand your current reality, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions.
There are no right or wrong answers.  Questions are on a scale of 1-5 or multiple choice.


Who we are and how we do it...
A great culture is one of the most important ingredients to the lasting success of any business or organisation. Why? Because, great cultures are for people, about people and because of people and Thriving people build Thriving Organisations!

1/ How would you rate the culture in your business or organisation?

2/ If you scored high, how did this happen?

3/ If you scored low, why is that?

4/ What is your current staff turnover?

5/ How would you rate your team in regards to accuracy and efficiency of their work load?

6/ Do you find yourself covering for staff's mistakes?


Why we exist...
Your business or organisation has a mission and exists for a core purpose, but your mission isn’t just what you do, but why you do it! Knowing why you do what you do gives energy to what you do. An exciting and clearly communicated mission will rally people and teams together for a common cause.

1/ Can you describe, not only what you do, but why you do it?

2/ Can you explain in one sentence the mission of your business or organisation?

3/ If you were to ask your people, would they be able to describe not only what they do but why they do it?

4/ Are you able to tell when you or your people are off track with the direction of your business or organisation?

5/ How clearly do you understand the core purpose of your business or organisation?


Where we're going...
A clear vision communicates a strong purpose, hope and direction for the people you lead. A vision is the future goal of your organisation It is essential for ensuring you and your team are heading in the same direction.

1/ As the leader do you have a strong sense of where your business or organisation is heading?

2/ Does your team have a strong sense of where your business, or organisation is heading?

3/ Can you explain in on sentence the vision of your business or organisation?

4/ How regularly do you communicate your vision to your team?

5/ Is your team helping you achieve your vision or making it harder to achieve?

Core values

How we get there...
What is more important that what you do? How you do it! The integrity of our actions safeguards our current and future success. A clear set of core values ensures the protection of your business or organisation from actions or attitudes that could undermine or ruin your success.

1/ Do you have clear core values in place for your team?

2/ If so, how often would you communicate them to your team?

3/ Could your team tell you what the core values of your business or organisation are?

4/ Do they follow them?

5/ Do you hold your team accountable to them?

6/ Do your team take accountability for mistakes, bad attitudes and behaviour?

7/ Do you find it hard to hold your people accountable for mistakes, bad attitudes and behaviour?

8/ What are the reasons accountability is hard?

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